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Choosing Yourself : Chapter 13: Don't Have Opinions -12 Insights

Don't pay attention to the white elephant in the room.

Opinion - a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

a view - the ability to see something
a judgment - the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions

Not Necessarily based on FACT or KNOWLEDGE

A conversation is an opinion.
An idea is an opinion.
A podcast is an opinion.
A book is an opinion.
A Ted Talk is an opinion.

Troll - a person who intentionally antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content.

    1. Why would I want to change your mind about anything or anyone? A mind convinced against its will, is of the same opinion still.

    2. We are hopelessly attached to our opinions even though they are not necessarily based on fact, TRUTH, or knowledge.

    3. Egos love to have an opinion, it's helps reinforce a false sense of self - an illusion.

    4. Even if we got the entire world to agree with our opinions, we still wouldn't be happy.

    5. An opinion is nothing more than a bunch of ideas that we have cobbled together that we now believe are real - are true - are factual - are knowledgeable

    6. We label them trolls, we judge them even though we know they are INTENTIONALLY posting "inflammatory" comments.

    We know that it's intentional but we still have a charge around trolling.

    A person who hurts is hurting - what sense does it make to inflict pain on someone who's already in pain?

    It's a comment - who giving it meaning, the troll or me?
    I write something (like I'm doing now) and you make a comment like this.."you don't have a clue. Everything you write is full of crap. You need to quit writing and crawl back up in the hole you came out of"

    If I read the comment and I feel there's some merit of truth in what you wrote, where's the problem? I thank you for bringing it to my attention so that I can take a deeper look at it.

    If I read the comment and I feel that what you've written is rubbish and it doesn't ring true for me. Where's the problem?

    If I see you as a troll, I've become the very thing that I seek to eradicate - You.
    I'm a troll - how can I see "troll-like" behavior in you if it's not also in myself?
    It's takes one to know one.
    I'm trolling you - if only in my mind. I've called you every name under the sun except the name your mama gave you. You have no idea what I want to do to you and if I ever see you ...let's just say you'd do better crossing the street.
    I'm doing far worse to myself than I can ever claim you did to me, but of course I don't this this because I'm too busy making this about you. I'm stuck in the state of "I believe your trolling is the source of my unhappiness."

    7. Humans love being right.

    What do you think war is? A conflict between different nations or states.
    I'm right - you're wrong. I believe in what I believe in so much that I am willing to kill you to prove that I am right.

    What is a divorce but a difference of opinions? I once believed and thought one way about you but I no longer feel this way about you so one of has to go. Of course I'm not getting divorced from you because I thought you were right - I'm right, you're wrong and besides we both can't be right.

    8. I don't want you to have an opinion because I've got so many of my own. There just ain't enough room in the world for both of our opinions (Not Necessarily based on FACT or KNOWLEDGE) to exist.

    9. 100 years from now my opinions won't matter. I'll be dead. Do my opinions matter now? Do I have to be dead? Everything (except one thing) is always on it's way out. Here one moment - Gone the next.

    10. You know why we don't like to hear/read the opinions of others? Because they are not the same as our opinions. We can't muster the fact that our opinions are just made up stories that we believe are real.

    11. If I saw you as the same as me I would approach life differently but when I see you as separate from me I don't care about you and certainly not your opinions.

    12. Egos love chaos. Egos are very clever at seducing us in to chaotic environments filled with unloving thoughts and words that are not necessarily based on Truth but we take the bait every time- hook, line, and sinker.

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