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Coolest plants

I saw a small venus flytrap plant at the grocery store the other day, and I thought it might be the coolest plant to grow in the house. After doing some research, I found out that it's not a good houseplant, but it might be an awesome outdoor spring gardening project! (here's the website that sold me on the idea)

That leads me to today's list. What are the coolest plants I've ever encountered?

Coolest plants

    1. Venus Flytraps

    I never knew these were native to North Carolina and Georgia. I remember they were super popular plants in the 1980's when I was a kid.

    2. Himalayan balsam

    I encountered these plants while hiking in Taiwan. If you touch a seed pod, the pod will blow up.

    3. Giant Sequoias

    Walking through the giant sequoia groves in California is surreal.

    4. Pole beans

    These are easy plants to grow in most of the United States. They send out tiny vines that twirl around anything they can grasp. So cool.

    5. Bansai trees

    Any fan of Karate Kid knows how cool these are.

    6. Corpse plant

    These tropical plants flower once every seven years or so. When they bloom, they produce a stench like rotting corpses. I had a chance to experience a blooming corpse plant at my university horticulture garden years ago.

    7. Giant water lily

    These are so huge that it seems like a person could jump on top of one and stay afloat.

    8. Tropical pitcher plants

    Really cool rainforest plants that drown insects and small creatures for food.

    9. Duckweed

    In some areas of standing water, the duckweed grows so thick that it looks like carpeted dry land.

    10. Lamb's ear

    Big, soft fuzzy leaves. It's literally like a lamb's ear.

    11. Banana plants

    Bananas are a popular fruit in the US, but few Americans know what the plant it comes from looks like. Banana flowers are really cool, actually:


    12. Coffee

    Americans also love coffee. Do you know where coffee beans come from? They come from coffee berries:


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