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Could you drive again? How to stop living on autopilot.

Most of the time, we run on autopilot mode. We are used to it since our childhood.

  • Go to school, prepare for the grade, deliver as expected, forget everything…
  • Go to work, follow a plan built for you…
  • Come back home, enjoy the entertainment served to us: Internet, social networks, Netflix.

It’s passive and comfortable — we consume.

    1. How to stop living on autopilot.

    Deciding to put self-discipline in our life breaks the autopilot mode and takes back the drive.

    2. Decide : I want to change that.

    3. I want to become healthier. Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually.

    4. I want to improve my relations.

    5. I want to XXX

    Building your plan, and practicing with consistency is the key.

    6. How do you know you are on the right path?

    You create vs. you consume.
    The activity is challenging to start, but you always feel better afterward.

    Take back the drive and enjoy the ride.

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