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Creative Date Night

    1. Laser tag

    2. Hitchhiking

    Yes, hitchhiking comes up a lot in my lists.

    3. Fly somewhere and get back the next day

    4. Take an overnight train

    5. Enter a park that's closed at night and sleep there

    Bring sleeping bags, pillows, food, and a phone or computer so you can watch a movie.

    I had a great time doing this. You could think it's a waste to watch a movie instead of enjoying the moment, but I find it's a great way to enhance the experience. I also watched a movie when camping out by myself on a beach, eating banana slices in a jar of peanut butter, and it was beautiful.

    6. Sleep on a rooftop

    7. Start learning a new skill

    Maybe attend a class together.

    8. Go in public with a cardboard sign encouraging people to approach you

    The sign could say "Teach me something", "Wanna be friends?", or simply "Come say hi."

    9. Go to a waterpark

    Assuming you find one that's open in the evening.

    10. Prepare poems or songs for each other and go perform them at a spoken word night

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