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Nicola Fisher


Crucial Life Skills

    1. Being able to manage your finances

    This is something they don't teach you at school. My recommendation is look at the whole year's expenses and create a monthly budget. I use a tool called ClearCheckbook. I've been using it for years and it keeps me on track.

    2. Independence

    This links with resilience and being able to go places and do things on your own. If you can be alone and independent, you can do anything.

    3. Keep calm in a crisis

    Life happens. Some of it expected, some of it unexpected. Planning helps. Be prepared. Think through scenarios and imagine how you might respond or what you would need to do in those circumstances.

    4. Change a wheel

    I've always made sure that I could change a wheel on my car. Every time I've bought a new car, it's the first thing I've checked.

    5. Cook a meal

    It doesn't have to be complex but if you have a repertoire of a few go to meals that you can cook, you and your family will always be fed.

    6. Iron a shirt

    This links with being able to use a washing machine too.

    7. Manage paperwork

    A lot of 'paperwork' is online now. Being able to manage your home and life admin, being organised and on track can save some grief.

    8. Change a fuse

    This happens less often these days but, back in the day, I had a supply of fuses and was always changing them. This goes with changing a plug. Nowadays knowing where your electrical box is and how to reset it is useful.

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