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Die Sweet Road Runner Die

What is an idea? - an idea is the starting ground for a story.
What is a story? - a story is an idea with conflict.

Die Sweet Road Runner Die

    1. Wile E. Coyote finally kills the Road Runner. He's killed, eaten, and has the Road Runner's skull sitting on his mantle.

    2. Wile E.'s contraptions have never worked but this time it did and it didn't work the way he had planned - the weight of the bolder caused the rope to snap earlier than it was supposed to.

    We believe, just like Wile E., that once we get it(whatever it is) that it's going to make us happy. Also, when we get it, we begin to believe that we caused it but in fact there are so many forces at work (that must align) that we are totally aware of. How could we have caused anything. Am I breathing or am I being breathed?

    3. Wile E. Coyote talks about how delicious his kill is to his coyote friend. He really lays it on, "when you really work for your meal, it just tastes that much better."

    Who is he really trying to convince - himself or his coyote friend? If the food was so delicious he'd be eating rather than talking about how great it is. Did you notice that his coyote friend ain't buying it?

    4. You Got it! So what are you going to do now?

    This is a very provocative question. And just like Wile E. we don't have an answer because we haven't really thought about it. Wile E. "I've been chasing this damn bird for twenty years, I'm not really trained for anything else."

    We've been thinking, believing, and acting a way for so long we are not trained to think, believe, or act any other way. The reason why people are so surprised when you are kind, loving, caring, and nurturing is because its so uncommon. The reason Honey is a purple cow is because it stands in a pasture filled with Vinegar.

    5. Wile E. causes his contraptions to fail, not the Road Runner. All of the coyote's plans backfire because of him.

    You could say that the coyote's plans backfired because he's not using his animal instincts. You could say that his plans backfired because he doesn't understand the game he's playing and he's taking it far too serious.

    Maybe the reason our plans are failing and we aren't reaching our goals is because we are not using our gifts and talents or maybe we don't really understand the game that we are really playing and we keep violating the rules.

    How can we expect to see and experience a different world unless we train ourselves to (have a shift in perception) about what we are seeing?

    6. Wile E. is retired. Unemployed. His function is no longer needed. He's annihilated his only friend. The only friend that was willing to play with him.

    Does Wile E. have sleepless nights thinking about what he has done? Does he have moments of regret? Is he haunted by the memory of his friend? Was the Road Runner such a bad guy after all? He'd speak to Wile E. (beep beep) every time he passed him even though the coyote was trying to kill him every chance he got - "Die Sweet Road Runner Die"

    7. Wile E. turned his playground into a crime scene so much so that he had to scrape his kill off the ground with a shovel.

    It appears that we are not happy until we have crushed the competition. We are not satisfied until we dominate in the marketplace. We are not satisfied until we have brought someone to their knees. We rejoice over our roadkill.

    8. Wile E. spends his entire life trying to catch someone who doesn't want to be caught and he doesn't even use the animal instincts of coyote to do so - he uses elaborate contraptions instead.

    9. Wile E. finds himself in unfamiliar territory. The Road Runner was his life for the past 20 years.

    Wile E.'s unintended consequence - his action of trying to kill the Road Runner has results that were not part of his original intent. He didn't plan on being bored and unemployed. He didn't plan on being a waiter at a restaurant. He didn't plan on trying to drown his sorrows with alcohol and he certainly didn't plan on being suicidal.

    10. Wile E. expects to be good at an activity (waiter) where he has not been trained properly. Unlike birds, people snap back.

    11. The way we do one thing is the way we do all things. Said another way, as above, so below. Said another way, the fish always rots from the head down.

    Wile E.'s life was filled with frustration. He spent the last 20 years of his life unsuccessfully trying to kill the Road Runner. That's got to be frustrating. Once he killed the Road Runner the frustration subsided but only for a couple of weeks.

    We get what we think we want. We get what the world tells us we should want. Somehow the feelings of elation are short-lived.

    The frustration reappeared after the meal was eaten and digested....after he drank himself into oblivion and watched all of the TV that he could muster. You also see it in the restaurant when he blew up when he failed to get the customers order right.

    12. Wile E. admires his trophy. What can you do with a trophy besides stare at it? And even that gets old after a while.

    We love our trophies don't we? We love our specialness. Look at me and how great I am. Our egos will become the death of us. Our false sense of self is so afraid of being found out that it's not real that it's shaking in its boots.

    13. Wile E. is suffering from Identity Issues. What a mouthful. Aren't we all. We finally discover that nothing outside of us is filling the gaping black and empty hole we fill inside.

    The Dark Of The Soul. The Coming To Jesus Moment. Rock Bottom. Surrender.
    It's very interesting that Wile E. feels the need to apologize to his friends and family. Does he feel guilty about not measuring up to the idea that others had for him? Is he apologizing because he feels guilty that he's about to take his own life? What is Wile E. talking about when he says he can't handle it anymore?

    14. Wile E. always appears to be grossly unhappy, sad, and frustrated. The Road Runner was always happy and in a good mood. He didn't adopt the behavior of his friend although he very well could have.

    15. What is Wile E. idea of living? He says, "there's no reason to go living" Perhaps his idea of living is what he has just destroyed - Chasing the Road Runner.

    We have become so used to chasing what we believe that we don't already have that we end up destroying the very thing we were looking for all a long. We create our own world of sorrow.

    16. Wile E. plans to use the same method he tried to used to unsuccessfully capture the Road Runner for 20 years no doubt - another contraption - the catapult.

    How often do we use the same strategy that never seems to work but it's our default nonetheless. Good thing for Wile E. that he didn't cut that rope on the catapult because he may not have like the aftermath.

    17. Wile E. suddenly knew who he wanted to be. He already was what he was - a coyote.

    Who do I want to be? I am what I am. I don't need to chase any more ghosts. I am Infinite. I am a unique expression of All That Is. Trying to become anything in the world presupposes that I am not already that and that just cannot be true UNLESS God forgot something.

    18. Wile E. tries to convince his coyote friend that he has found the answer to all of his woes but again his friend just ain't buying it.

    If I find myself trying to convince anyone of anything I can be sure of one thing - I DON'T BELIEVE IT MYSELF. My coming to Jesus moment is for me - not for you. It just so happens that a rising tide lifts all boats.

    19. Wile E. is quite an artist. Have you noticed all of the elaborate concoctions that the he's able to construct? I bet he went to engineering school.

    All of us are already artists. The question is what are we drawing on our blank canvas on a daily basis?

    20. The only one injured was the coyote. He's the one that suffers. The Road Runner is dead and gone. Or is he?

    We somehow believe that if we ingest the poison the other person will become sick. All of those unloving thoughts and feelings take up residence in our minds not the minds of others.

    21. Wile E. only needs 45-minutes of his coyote friend's time to talk about Jesus. Don't talk - Walk. Those that are talking ain't walking and those that are walking ain't talking.

    22. Wile E. makes the most egregious mistake - Trying to convert someone that doesn't want or need to be converted. Oh Sh*t!

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