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Digital Barter Economy

Obviously, the easiest thing would be to convert any of these into cash and use that cash to buy what you want. My thought is that many are not flowing with a lot of cash, so finding buyers for some of these would be difficult. Trading across platforms seems desirable.

    1. Streaming Credits

    I hear there are many good shows on Apple TV, but I already have Netflix, Disney+ & Amazon Prime (and I hardly use the latter). It would be cool to be able to watch, say, Ted Lasso for a night and give up my Netflix for the same period to let someone else watch, say, Wednesday (the show).

    2. In-Game Items

    In Marvel SNAP, there are credits, tokens, gold and other forms of credit/currency (which can be used to acquire cards or upgrades) in a somewhat ridiculous economy. Trading these for similar items of value in other games is what I have in mind.

    3. Loyalty Points

    Air Miles, In-App stars and other points. Sick of Starbucks? Trade with someone rich in McDonalds points.

    4. Frequent Flyer Miles

    I think there was a service where you could consolidate and convert the points you collected into each other. Trading with others would be good, especially if you could cross over to the other ideas in this list.

    5. Newspaper Paywalls

    I do believe in paying for quality journalism, but maybe you subscribe to your favourite paper (e.g. New York Times) but an article you want to read is in another paper (e.g. Washington Post). A one time credit for one article is something that could be traded.

    6. Views/Clicks

    It's against the terms of service of most platforms to sell followers etc., but having a collective agreement to watch each other's videos or like posts etc. would drive up important social media/influence metrics for all.

    7. Gig Economy Stuff

    I think I have some kind of loyalty points for Skip the Dishes. I'm not sure if Uber Eats and Uber (ride share) have similar systems and if they cross from one to the other. Imagine trading through platforms like Lyft, Ritual, etc.

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