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Disgusting Food You've Tried

None of these are "normal" for me but i don't mind being adventurous especially when trying new cusines. However these ones generally did not get tried a second time. Also a high proportion of these are Dim Sum tries for whatever reason.


    1. Durian

    Actually the smell wasn't what got in my way. But the taste just did not hit my taste buds right. Instant spit out every time

    2. Chickens Feet

    Dim Sum try, nothing inherently bad, but its just fried cartilage at the end of the day. Didn't ever feel the urge to get it again.

    3. Pigs Intestine

    This was a traditional Chinese restaurant and they did not clean it properly. Tasted as your worst nightmare would imagine when getting intestine served to you. No one had more than one bite.

    4. Pigs Ear

    Chewier less flavorful bacon, havent had again but would try it again if i ever came across it again.

    5. Fat Noodle

    idk the proper name of this but google is not getting anywhere close to what i had. It was at a dim sum place, and they colloquialized the dish as "Fat Noodle". It looked like a bloated chinese finger trap that was pepto bismal colored and wobbly and moist. Flavor kinda inert and bland but the texture got me.

    6. Bugs

    Never in a restaurant setting but i'm a child of the 90s and been dared to eat my fair amount of insects. As an adult, im not looking to get my protein from bugs.

    7. Tripe

    I'm not seeking it out, but its far from the worst thing on this list.

    8. Cabesa

    Cows Brain, cabesa tacos are alright.

    9. Lengua

    Cow Tongue Tacos, its a chewier beef.

    10. Heart

    I believe goats heart, not positive, bought from a meat market and made a stir fry with it as best we could. It was fun but no one tried it again.

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