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Disgusting Food You've Tried

Some of these are really disgusting, others are only disgusting to most Americans.


    1. Taiwanese stinky tofu

    It smells horrible, and I have childhood memories of smelling it from a block away in the street markets of Taipei, but it sure is delicious.

    2. Worm-infested cod

    I bought a fresh cod at the grocery store once and when I was preparing it for cooking, a worm started wiggling around out of it. It was expensive fish and I had already prepared it for cooking halfway, so I just removed the worms I could find and cooked it anyways. After cooking, I found cooked worms in it, and couldn't keep eating. In retrospect, I should have just wrapped it back up and brought it back to the grocery store for a refund.

    3. 30-year old gum

    If you collected baseball cards in the 1980's you would know that a lot of the packs of baseball cards came with a stick of pink chewing gum. Well, I bought a bunch of old boxes of baseball cards years ago and opened the packs for nostalgic purposes. I also sampled the gum. It was rock hard and brittle, but still tasted okay.

    4. Pig intestines

    When prepared well, this is a tasty Chinese dish. However, just knowing it's pig intestines, I can only eat a few before bowing out.

    5. Bad salad at Cheesecake Factory

    I had a salad, then really bad diarrhea for the next three days. Listeria? Salmonella? I don't know, but I haven't been back to Cheesecake Factory since.

    6. Duck blood

    A popular addition to Chinese hot pot. I tried a few cubes of it, then decided I didn't like it.

    7. Tripe

    I don't know about you, but something about eating cow stomachs grosses me out. And they look gross.

    8. Escargot

    I tried it. But my mind won't let me enjoy it.

    9. Flying fish eggs

    The things we do for love... my girlfriend ordered it at a restaurant in Kenting, Taiwan. I tried my best to eat it and enjoy it because I was trying to impress her. Well, she's been my wife for 17 years now, so I guess it worked.

    10. Crabs, lobsters, and shrimp

    Okay, maybe a lot of you think I'm crazy here, but what are crabs, lobsters, and shrimp? They're giant ocean-dwelling insects. Yuck.

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