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Nicola Fisher


Do Schools Kill Creativity ? 7 IDEAs to transform the education system from uniformity to personalized education

    1. Forest Schools

    I think a connection to nature is a key element in our education and important for us as human beings. As children get older they spend less time out in nature. When we start work, we are often completely separated from nature. I believe this is a bad thing, and a factor behind some of the challenges we face as a civilisation and a planet.

    2. Home Schooling

    I don't have children so some of my comments may be generalisations. I have no direct experience. But the impression I get is that schools turn out children who are trained to conform rather than find their own way. Children I know who are home schooled seem to have a broader and more individual outlook.

    3. Introverts

    It would be great to see schools helping their pupils to understand themselves better. I didn't understand the implications of being an introvert until I was in my late 40s. Appreciating that earlier in life would have saved me a lot of grief.

    4. Creative

    Children seem to lose their creativity at some stage in their schooling. As adults it takes us a long time to recover that. It can be midlife when people start reconnecting with things they did as children.

    5. Life skills

    Much of what I learned at school has not been referenced since, especially stuff like quadratic equations or algebra. I appreciate that, for some people, those are key skills. Perhaps we would be better served pursuing genuine interests and covering the essentials in some other subjects. Plus, teach life skills like money management, looking after a home etc.

    6. Encourage debate without censorship

    I loved going to the debating society. In the sixth form this was a joint activity with the boys' division. It was always entertaining, lively and an opportunity for a handful to show off their skill with words. Debating was an art. There was respect for each side of the argument.

    7. Encourage all

    Everyone has strengths. Discover those and encourage them. Help pupils find a way rather than floundering.

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