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Do you have any ideas on how to trick the genie for a few more wishes?

H/T @arty

We all know that wishing for more wishes doesn't work. Now that we have that out of the way, on with the wishes.

Do you have any ideas on how to trick the genie for a few more wishes?

    1. Wish for a time machine.

    Go back and find the genie over and over again.

    2. Wish for more genies.

    Make this the 2nd wish each time. Your current genie will be happy to get rid of you.

    3. Wish that every day is Ground Hog Day.

    4. Wish that every wish after the 2nd be taken from the next guy's quota.

    5. Trap the genie outside of his lamp/urn/anchor.

    Only allow him to return AFTER he grants some extra wishes.

    6. If you can't trap him, hide his refuge.

    He will eventually need to return. At that point, you have the uppper hand in negotiation.

    7. Wish for the power to grant wishes to yourself.

    But in case that is too selfish.

    8. Wish for the power to grant wishes to others.

    Grant a small wish. Then have them wish for the power to grant YOU wishes. Then you can both aim for the bigger ones.

    9. Outline 3 very complex multi-step wishes. But don't wish for them yet.

    Then have the genie confirm that he understands what your 3 wishes are going to be. Once he agrees, explain that the only way to accomplish them is through the completion of multiple smaller wishes. If you can get him to agree, then he will have to grant you all the wishes necessary to fulfill what he already agreed were your 3 "real" wishes.

    10. Wish to be friends with his current wife/girlfriend/mother.

    She'll get those extra wishes out of him for you.

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