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Dream Wireless Projects

Some of these are potential upcoming opportunities, some are pipe dreams, some are similar to opportunities I've been part of, but never came to full fruition.

    1. Ship-To-Shore Network for BC Ferries

    BC Ferries don't have onboard WiFi, due to the lack of a ship-to-shore broadband network. I'd love to be part of fixing that. (I started writing this on the ferry - so far the 4G/5G cellular network has been fine).

    2. Scarborough Subway Line

    My hometown will get a subway - I think tenders and designs are already done, but it would be nice to have a part in making sure phones and computers work for hometown commuters.

    3. Urban Terragraph Network

    Terragraph is a standard developed by Meta - the equipment makes high-speed mesh node networks (see #7). The nodes are usually envisioned to be on street poles and buildings.

    4. Rocky Mountain Interior - Hwy 1 Improvement

    The Trans-Canada Highway doesn't have 100% coverage through the Rocky Mountains. Shameful - what if there's an accident and someone wanted to call 911?

    5. First Nation Internet Access

    6. Private Wireless Network for Autonomous Vehicle Transit

    I was involved in such a project, but if it went forward, it was without the involvement of the company I worked for.

    7. Mobile Mesh Network

    Mesh networks create connections between multiple nodes and route traffic around - if a connection between 2 nodes is broken, data can be re-routed to another link and take a longer route (like a detour due to construction).. Making the mesh resilient means having it be dense with spare links, but I always wondered if a node was mobile (say on a vehicle or drone) then a link could potentially be re-established by moving the nodes around...

    8. LiFi Network

    LiFi uses light/infrared rather than radio waves to avoid interference and increase security.

    9. Solar-Powered Portable Network In A Box

    I've worked with some manufacturers that have assembled gear to make an emergency deployable network and ones that rely on solar power due to remote locations - I want to see it all done as compactly as possible.

    10. Blockchain Based LoRAWAN IoT Network (Helium)

    I looked into investing in a Helium AP which provides network access to IoT devices. I can see on the map that neighbours who have mounted them aren't making more than a few cents a month so it wouldn't make sense to spend money on gear, never mind the electrical costs.

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