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Education solutions for people that don’t like school

Alternative certifications:

I hated school. And I came from a family of scholars on my fathers side. I went to a dance conservatory but still hated academics. Then I had a job that a clung onto for the education and eventually I decided that I would figure out how to get continuing education on my own (I quickly became an educator in my field through connections) but I also did the following self paced continuing education for myself over the years:

    1. Positive Psychology Cert 1: U.C. Berkeley

    Positive Psychology Certification in the Science of Happiness. 2017 U.C. Berkeley

    2. Positive Psychology Certification 2: Yale

    Positive Psychology Certification in the Science of Well Being. 2020 Yale University

    3. Anatomy Certification: Yale

    Anatomy of the Upper & Lower Extremities Certification: 2023 Yale University

    4. University of Virginia: Darden School of Business: Entrepreneur Certification (in progress

    This is by far the most rewarding. I am a UVA legacy and now I get to make my dad proud with credentials from Darden

    5. Summery

    Traditional Academia did not work out for me but I found ways to not only get education, but include Ivy League education. UVA, U.C. Berkeley & Yale

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