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Education solutions for people that don’t like school

Here are a few ideas coming from someone who went to school and thinks the system in general is in need of dire change.

Education solutions for people that don’t like school

    1. Vital professions are the only ones that need vital formal education

    Brain surgery, heart surgery, anything dealing with matters of life or death are probably the only ones that really need higher education. All else is really a matter of quality of life, discipline, self actualization, right?

    2. Youtube and Money Twitter have more master level useful training than formal education can ever keep up with

    Some amazing people on those two platforms alone giving away so much GREAT information, it's kind of insane.

    3. Externally motivated teachings lead to non passionate professionals

    I'm of the belief that anyone at the top of their game is also passionate about their game. Those that choose a vocation because it's safe simply perpetuate the mediocre middle followers that think it's safe.

    4. What if all education was free and we brought back apprenticeship?

    Some kind of agreement where you do work in exchange for having all your basic needs met until you've paid off your apprenticeship in service to whoever your mentor?

    5. Formalized creativity training

    Why are we taught to follow? All leadership training seems to be something folks have to discover on their own? Maybe that's how it's always been? I don't know.

    6. Formalized wealth building training

    It took me a long time to understand what money is. In my view, it's nothing more than a placeholder for other REAL resources. Resources grant abilities. Money is something people with it exchange to others with ability to provide what they really want, which is usually labor, speed, creativity, pleasure or other external useful deliverable.

    7. High taxes on things bad for all greater good of society

    I know we tax the crap out of tabaco and alcohol, but how come we tax the crap out of healthy stuff? I wonder if anyone is working on economies of scale for healthy things?

    8. Gamified mentorship

    While I admit, I haven't thought through this, I just feel like it would be so cool if after you get to the "top" you were marked as an option of someone to apprentice under. Imagine we got the chance to follow Bezos, Musk, Branson, etc.... kind of like one of those Next Talent shows?

    9. Find your strengths, personality type assessment should be more widespread

    I love those tests and find them very useful, but I'm also skeptical AF. I wonder how much of it is placebo, kind of like horoscope or fortune cookies. Still, I find them useful.

    10. Self actualization training?

    Maslow's hierarchy of needs stuff should be taught more formally. The stuff at the bottom of the pyramid is all about need, the top are all wants. Everything about it can help folks decide what areas of bettering humanity they want to focus on.

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