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Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Power (1 min 11 sec read)


General Guidelines:
  • Dive into discomfort head-on.
  • Fully embrace the energy of discomfort.
  • Speak the Truth when discomfort peaks.
  • Reclaim your power from the created illusion.
  • Appreciate yourself as the Creator and the creation.
Details: When discomfort reaches its peak:

    1. Affirm your role as the creator: "I am ______ creating this" (e.g., "I Am the power and presence of God").

    2. Recognize the illusion: "It's not real" (feel the meaning of the words).

    3. Discover joyfulness and love within the discomfort (feel the meaning of the words).

    4. Uncover joyfulness, love, and perfect support within the disguise.

    5. Reclaim your power from the discomfort.

    6. Appreciate your amazing ability to create and believe in the illusion, the beauty of the creation, and its purpose in your journey.

    7. Ruby Sparks (2012) Ruby Sparks is a thought-provoking movie that serves as a great example of the process described above.

    The film revolves around a struggling writer who creates a fictional character named Ruby Sparks. 
    To his surprise, he discovers that Ruby Sparks has come to life as a real person. 
    The story explores the power of creation and the complex dynamics between creator and creation, highlighting the themes of illusion, control, and self-discovery.

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