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Exercises for people who are out of shape.

I am not a personal trainer or have any education related to fitness. These are exercises that seem low impact but still impactful.

    1. Walking

    Get off the treadmill and take a walk at the park, around the neighborhood or around the mall. Feel free to stop when necessary but while walking, concentrate on pace.

    2. Get in the pool. Or the beach.

    If you don't know how to swim. Learn. It is a life skill as well as good exercise.. If you are not confident swimming simply walking in waist deep water or thigh deep with waves or an uneven footing at the beach is still a place to start.

    3. Take a bike ride.

    I suggest an actual bicycle instead of a stationary model. Being outdoors and moving is often easier and more enjoyable.

    4. Leg raises

    There are many variations of this exercise that can be done from a seated position.

    5. Hand weights

    Another exercise that can be done while seated. Simple curls or lifts.

    6. Stretching

    I feel too often Yoga becomes very intense and people of size become very uncomfortable. Stretching done correctly can accomplish the same goal. Of course an inclusive, supportive Yoga class can be great as well.

    7. Tai Chi

    8. Dancing

    Richard Simmons might have been on to something.

    9. We all need a combination

    I've tried to include optiions that cover mobility, strength, and cardio. Each of these factors are important.

    10. Incorporate physical activity into more activities.

    I never made time to go to the gym. And if I did, it was boring and not enjoyable. So now I try to be more physical all day long, while doing other things. These might be my next list.,Stay tuned.

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