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Martin Brown


12 First Date Ideas

Hey NotePD community actually may go on m first date post divorce, honestly kinda been awhile but it's like riding a bike right? Gonna post some ideas which ever gets the most likes that's the one I'll roll with for this week. 

    1. Christmas Lights @ The Park

    They have some decorations set up at the park that's pretty festive with a certain elegance an ambiance. Even though this person may have seen this year after year she kinda never saw it with me. 


    2. Movie

    I mean this is conventional but doesn't allow for too much interaction unless there is a post activity. 

    3. Dinner/Movie

    Also a traditional take but does allow for discussion to take place. 

    That Whitney Houston film may be the one. 

    Sushi maybe ??!!?!

    4. The Aquarium

    The Aquarium by itself may not have the wow factor I'm looking for at the moment but I'll list it here. 

    5. Truth or Dare Date

    This is probably more so along the lines after being established. This woman doesn't know me from atom yet. You pick a venue and participate in truth or dare. Obvious rules from a coveted adolescent game. 

    6. Breakfast Date

    Grabbing coffee isn't a bad idea or finding another quaint little spot to sit to talk. I think today so much is lost in translation with technology that intimate moments have take a back seat. Grabbing a cup of Joe looking each other in the eyes and talking.


    7. A Combo Date

    Coffee Aquarium Movie

    Movie Dinner Park 

    Open to Suggestions 😌

    8. Watch the sunset/Watch the sunrise

    I would need the right view and the right beverage. I'm confident it's the right company 

    9. Choose a date we would have done in highschool

    I'm not sure what this looks like lol 

    10. Fill a Mason Jar with Date ideas and choose a date

    11. Thrift Shopping

    12. Palm Reading

    Well there a lot of scams out there 

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