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Five thoughts to enjoy a deeper life.

You stare at your reflection on a quiet sunday, looking at your eyes in the black screen of your smartphone, and you have this frightening thought: there must be something more.

Not everything must be about social media and this devices.

But what am I supposed to do? Quit on life? Become a hermit and adopt the speech of Zarathustra? Probably that's not the way. Perhaps it is just about perspective.

Five thoughts to enjoy a deeper life.

    1. It's about perspective.

    We are constantly being bombarded by highly enthusiastic messages of self-grow and keeping forward, and being hungry for success and what not, however, this is just a philosophical trend: existentialist positivism.

    History is long, people tend to say humanity has been only a blink in the existence of the universe. But we are creatures with 70+ years life span, being very optimistic about it, and with a 10,000+ years of history, we have done a lot. We have thought a lot.

    There are dozens of schools of thought and philosophers, and all of them on Youtube. All of them being explained on several videos, animated or in a lecture, explained like we are five, and like if we are PhD's on the subject. Our way of thought has been explored in the past by other people, not everything is about being the next super entrepreneur, just being human and exploring on yourself and what makes you afraid, it's a big step to comprehend beyond what you already know.

    2. Embrace the absurd.

    Life is beautiful, it's joyful, it's sad, it's full of change, but in the quiet moments between the exciting parts, life is absurd. Eating a sandwich before going to work, alone on your kitchen, or singing without a pitch on your car, that's absurd, but it's what keep us sane. It's what makes you, be you.

    Most of the small task are absurd, are meaningless, it's what we do while our minds fantasize, and doing those task we may feel like we are not important, that our destiny is not as amazing as we imagined as kids, but the secret is: we all do absurd things, every moment on every day. Scrolling social media and looking memes is absurd, but gives us joy. And the only way to accept that not everything is about how much you make, or how many people follow you, it's accepting the absurd.

    3. Glamorous is exhausting.

    The champagne and the jewelry is always lovable on instagram. It has tones of likes, or hearts, but it's a constant idea of not being enough unless you show. Don't get me wrong, it feels great to share your life and for people to like that photo of your meal, or your kids playing in the park, or your recently washed car, but if sharing with those you know and feel good about it it's not the goal, you are taking it as a job.

    And you are constantly dealing with so many voices on your heart, and only one is yours, the rest are the entire web. Part of embracing the absurd, consist of knowing that perfection it's never the goal. Excellence it is. But overall, having comfort in being you, and loving what you do no matter what (as long as you're not harming anyone or yourself). Recognizing, a life with a continuous motivation on displaying glamour just to be appreciated it by the looks, but not by the content, not for being actually who you are, is exhausting, and flat.

    4. Art and life imitates each other.

    We love to be heard, having someone, anyone, to pay attention to all our fantastic knowledge and the realization we had in our journey of life. We all humans are that way, at least most of us. But thinking in only us, and our vision of living, and the way on how we do things, without taking the time to admire what others have said, or sung, or painted, it's a waste.

    Art, in all it's forms is full of humans showing their views and their feeling, and their way to deal with problems. There's this old dichotomy: life imitates art, or art imitates life, which one is it? I think it's a loop of feedback, one taking inspiration of the other. The solution to what it's making you feel miserable when you talk with your mom, may be on and old anime, or a painting of the XVIII century, or in an old poem translated from arabic, or in an indie song by an unknown band on a trending playlist on Spotify. Art is inspiration, but it's also solution, it's also redemption. It's also the time to look beyond of who you are, and that what you are feeling right now, it's also shared by at leat one of the other 8 billion persons in this planet. Art connect us.

    5. Emotions care, a lot. But only for you.

    This is my final though, and the hardest one. Looking for an emotional understanding in art it's a great way for feeling less lonely and going beyond what you already know and understand about existence. But everything you are feeling, it's only your business. And that applies to everyone.

    We listen to the people we love, and they listen back to what we say and about the things we complaint, but once the conversation it's over, our feelings stay with us, but not with the other person. They take away their problems, and we stay with ours. Don't get me wrong on this, once again, sharing is nice, it's healthy, but focusing only on what creates a turmoil inside of us, it restrain and do not allow to expand our view. I may just resume my point: don't expect your perspective on life be standard for everyone, learn from others, and comprehend others, to make deeper connections. We are alone, but we can hold hands in everyone's loneliness. In everyone's absurdity.

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