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Tips for improving

    1. Eye Contact

    Not staring. But repeated glances or a lingering look.

    2. Practice

    It's OK to flirt with your friends. And you both know that it isn't going anywhere. Or do you?

    3. Don't fear rejection

    4. Flirt when you are in a group or they are in a group

    This makes it less threatening

    5. It's OK to be direct. Sometimes

    Don't ask someone for their number. Politely offer them yours. If you enjoyed someone's company (maybe at a group function), go ahead and ask them out.

    6. Awkward also can work

    Being really bad at flirting can work to your advantage with some.

    7. Play hard to get

    If by chance, you notice someone flirting with you, acknowledge it and then ignore them.

    8. Spread your attention around

    We can all recognize the people who are constantly the target of flirts. They have built up an immunity. Try and choose a less obvious person for your attention.

    9. It may take more than once

    If there is someone you're interested in and you see them at the same place more than once. Most likely you'll see them there again. So if at first you don't succeed....... Also don't necessarily quit after the first show of disinterest. They may know Rule 6.

    10. Almost everyone thinks they are being more forward than they actually are

    11. If you are attempting to make them an offer; have an alternative and leave them an easy out.

    For example, perhaps I had gotten up enough courage to offer to buy a drink for someone I've been flirting with. If they decline, you could reply with "perhaps you would prefer dinner/dessert/a dance? (pick whatever seems appropriate) But if you're too busy tonight perhaps we could get a bite tomorrow?"

    In this way, you've acknowledged what they said, given them a second chance to say yes, and told them that you respect their feelings and would still like to get together.

    12. Nothing works all the time.

    So have fun with it. Don't let it be a stressor.

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