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Fly Like An Eagle

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
'Til I'm free

    1. Eagle attributes

    Eagles Have Vision.

    Eagles are fearless.

    Eagles are Tenacious.

    Eagles are High Flyers.

    Eagles Never Eat Dead Meat.

    Eagles possess Vitality.

    Eagles Nurture their younger ones.


    2. God, Jesus, Paramahansa, Buddha, or Gandhi can't think your thoughts for you.

    The only one that can open the prison doors of your mind is You.

    The only one that can change your world is you.

    3. You're an eagle with chicken-like tendencies.

    You've dumbed down your eagle-ness.

    You were born a beautiful eagle but you let the chickens raise you.

    You think like a chicken. You act like a chicken.

    You allow the other chickens to convince you that you're a chicken when in truth you are a eagle.

    4. Your spirit cries out for more.

    Your spirit knows and recognizes the truth.

    You long to soar like a mighty eagle.

    The chickens roared with laughter every time you say, "I wish I could soar like those birds."

    5. A chicken's behavior will never satisfy what your soul yearns for.

    Your dreams are filled with ideas of soaring like an eagle.

    Everything in your eagle body tells you that you can fly high above the open seas but the chickens tell you that you cannot.

    You believe everything the chickens tell you and doubt your own wisdom.

    6. Finally, after living a long miserable, and challenging life as a chicken you die.

    You died among the chickens with your eagle-ness still in you.

    You became what you believed yourself to be. You were that powerful.

    Don't die like a chicken when you're an eagle.

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