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Foods Brain Coach Never Skips! What I eat daily/weekly.

These are the foods I personally never skip unless I absolutely have to due to travel. They provide a nutritionally-balanced profile, meaning they maximize all the 30+ essential for humans nutrients AND they are rich in brain-boosting compounds, while delivering all the goodness in the most favorable package - home-cooked meals.


This is my breakfast these days. Beans/lentils, eggs, tuna or sardines, curry, walnuts and Brazil nuts, carrots. Most of my meals I post in stories on my Instagram @1000yearyoung

    1. EGGS

    Rich in B vitamins essential for a healthy, happy brain and nervous systems, preventing depression and mental pathologies; rich in vitamins A, E, minerals like iodine and selenium, absolutely crucial for our Thyroid and energy metabolism; rich in memory molecule - CHOLINE! I eat 3 a day.


    Salmon, sardines are what I manage to find everywhere. I used to love mackerel in the UK - it was divine there! Fatty fish is rich in minerals and vitamins besides Omega 3s. In general fish (and shellfish) tends to be a healthier choice among protein sources. Canned (with bones) fish has additional calcium, 50-70% of RDA.

    I eat 150-200g every day.


    Probiotics, protein, calcium, B and other vitamins, iodine. Fermented dairy (when you aren’t allergic and it’s organic) - is a VERY nutrient-dense food! (Not like most plant-based substitutes). The REAL deal!

    I eat 300-500ml daily.


    Chicken livers among organ meats have the best nutritionally balanced for humans profile. They are rich in choline, zinc, iron, vitamin A, essential fats, protein, B vitamins superfood … the list just goes on!

    But with organ meats I suggest you pace yourself! I eat 12-15 ounces 300-400g a week - for most people it’s still a lot. I usually have one liver meal a week.


    Beans: resistant starch, the longest-lasting carbohydrates with the most beneficial prebiotic fibers that your gut bugs absolutely love; lots of minerals, so-missed-for-many potassium (major electrolyte); beans are on the menu of the longest-living people. Greens? The most nutrients per calorie, hands down.

    A cup of beans, 2-3 cups of green leafy and non-leafy veggies - my daily routine. I eat beans for breakfast, greens for dinner.


    Tomatoes, onions, carrots, eggplants, mushrooms, bell peppers, radishes… the list goes on and on. Each vegetable has a unique profile of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants; low calories, high in nutrients. Also so tasty and fun to eat and experience!

    Another 2-3 cups for me every day, usually for breakfast and dinner.

    7. BANANAS and other fruit

    Fruit got a bad rep lately because of fructose and yet there’s absolutely ZERO evidence that fresh fruit eaten daily does anything but good for health! (Except if someone’s metabolism is already not that great because of food abuse).

    Fruit is the best energy/electrolyte/hydration/vitamin and mineral replenisher! Just don’t juice or blend or dry or sugar-coat them - and all your sweet cravings will absolutely vanish along with a few extra kgs. And for the brain? It’s an absolute delight with so many antioxidants to protect all the rich activity.

    8. BLUEBERRIES and other berries.

    The best of all fruit for the brain! Blueberries specifically seem to be very brain-loving with a special set of antioxidants, polyphenols, folate, fibers that enhance brain function and prevent accelerated cognitive decline!

    I usually make an afternoon yogurt bowl with blueberries, cacao, maca and cinnamon. And instead of sleepy afternoon I get a super-productive one!

    9. WALNUTS

    A special fat profile, omega-3s/omega-6s ratio, enhanced by fiber and antioxidants makes these very brainy. It’s what our brains are built of!

    I eat a generous handful a day.


    I’ve written so much about it and for a good reason - 1500+ active compounds, one of the richest in antioxidants food, it boostsstimulates all the important brain chemicals, boost brain blood flow, boosts memory, learning and other cognitive functions, great for gut and mental health. Chocolate is hands down brain’s favorite dessert! *The darkest stuff!

    30g+ a day for me!


    Turmeric is what’s known for its amazing brain and whole-body benefits, mostly due to anti-inflammatory compounds. When it comes to our brain - it boosts dopamine and serotonin, keeping us driven and happy. I use curry space for lunch and dinner because it’s the easiest way to consume it regularly. After all said and done, we only keep habits that can be easily incorporated in our daily lifestyle. Curry does that for me with turmeric.

    12. SALT

    Most people aren’t salt deficient due to the abundance of it in processed foods. People like myself, who eat close to zero processed foods and are very active got to be very careful to not go too low! Salt is the second major electrolyte (after potassium we eat in beans, greens, fruit and veg) without which nothing in the body can function, and for sure no neural communication can happen effectively. Also, hydration, digestion, absorption of many nutrients depends on salt. Don’t skip it!!!

    I add some salt to all the water I drink, before eating a lot of fruit to balance out potassium, when I do sauna, after exercise, and I salt all my food really well. Low salt status might even cause your blood sugar to drop and that’s a major no-no for a productive, healthy brain.

    These are the items that I never skip! And after that I’m so full I can not possibly imagine eating more! That’s why when people ask me if I cheat with food the only real answer I have - “I have so much healthy foods to eat a day, there’s just no space left in my stomach! So no.”

    If you ask me, the problem isn't that we eat bad stuff, it's that we don't eat enough good stuff❗

    What foods from the list can you do better with❓

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