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Friday Gratitude

Thank you @BillBergeman! (This one doesn't count)

    1. Starting to go to the gym again

    Because it's an act of self-care, it will make me healthier and I will be proud of the progress.

    2. Talking with my favorite coffee shop owner in the world

    Because human connection is absolutely essential for a happy life, and these are the small moments that can make your day great. His name is Tiago and he owns How About Coffee in Lisbon, Portugal!

    3. Petting that dog earlier today

    Because connection with animals is also important! I don't need to explain why dogs are great, the internet is telling you about it every day.

    4. Protein bars and protein shakes

    Because while they're probably not the optimal food, I find them helpful as a gym newbie who doesn't want to cook in an apartment full of strangers.

    5. Podcasts

    Because they can be so entertaining and educational in a way that one episode can change your life, much like a book. I've been listening to more podcasts again, and it feels great. Recently, I've been listening to: Ten Percent Happier, The Pathless Path, The Chase Jarvis Show, and a few others (including of course The James Altucher Show). One of my all-time favorites is the Lex Fridman Podcast.

    6. My friend Emi who's going to visit me in Lisbon

    Because it's so wonderful to develop an instant friendship and keep in touch over time while only seeing each other once a year. It's important to have friends you can have fun with while also knowing you're there for each other.

    7. The funny interaction I had today with two French girls who struggled to speak English at Starbucks

    Because ephemeral connections with strangers are beautiful, and laughter strengthens them.

    8. The anticipation of an upcoming trip with my best friend

    Because he's one of the two most important people in my life, I cherish our friendship deeply, and it will be a wonderful way to get even closer, ten years after our only trip together.

    9. My body

    Because I took okay care of it but not nearly enough, and yet I've been fairly healthy. I'm now honoring it with an awareness of the preciousness of life by giving it better care.

    10. That Clickhole video I watched earlier

    Because "Bittersweet Moment: Man Plays The NBC Jingle On The Grand Piano That Crushed His Son"

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