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From Clouded Perception to Radiant Love (1 min 59 sec read)

    1. In a world where you believe the Sun has disappeared, a profound sense of loss and abandonment engulfs you.

    You look around, desperately searching for a glimmer of warmth and hope, only to find a vast expanse of darkness.
    Questions fill your mind, wondering if God has turned away, leaving you to fend for yourself in the shadows.

    2. Little do you know, God is still here, shining brightly with unconditional love.

    Love doesn't need validation or recognition.
    It simply radiates its warmth and Light, even though it seems invisible to your body's eyes.

    3. The problem is not with God; it is with the thick cloud cover that obscures its brilliance.

    These clouds are formed by your own grievances of attack, worry, envy, vengeance, and a multitude of negative emotions that shroud your world in darkness.
    The more you cling to these grievances, the thicker the clouds become, blocking out Love's presence.

    4. However, you are the one who seeks a different perspective.

    Willingness is present within you to practice seeing everyone as innocent.
    You possess the willingness and power to release your grievances and transform your perceptions.
    With each release, you chip away at the cloud cover that obscures the Light, allowing rays of love to pierce through the darkness.

    5. As your perceptions change, the clouds begin to dissipate, revealing God's unwavering love.

    It is a gradual process, but as you relinquish more and more grievances, the Light grows stronger.
    And then, just like magic, the clouds disappear entirely.
    You experience The Holy Instant.

    6. In this moment, you awaken to the "Happy Dream."

    Love is no longer a distant concept but a tangible reality, visible in every corner of your existence.
    It has always been there, patiently waiting for your acceptance.

    7. The journey from clouded perception to radiant love is not bound by time.

    It can happen in an instant or span across lifetimes, for Infinity exists outside the constraints of time.
    The important thing to remember is to let love be your teacher and let go of all grievances.

    8. And so, you bask in the warmth of your own inner Light, no longer fooled by the illusion of its absence.

    You revel in the joy and peace that emanate from within, knowing that Love is ever-present, even when hidden behind the thickest clouds.
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