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J.J. Bitters


Funniest Words in the English Language

    1. Scunner

    the feeling you get when someone has just told you their phone number and you realise you have to remember it

    2. Quark

    the smallest amount of matter that has mass
    I think we all are quarks

    3. Flummoxed

    when you are so confused that you don't know whether to shit or go blind

    4. Manky

    the feeling you get when your partner says, "Let's have sex" and you realise that it's been at least 24 hours since you last washed yourself

    5. Pugnacious

    describing me every morning as I try to get out the door before my kids wake up

    6. Smutty

    what happens to me every time I look at my phone

    7. Snollygoster

    a politician, but not really because a snake is not a mammal

    8. Schadenfreude

    the feeling one gets when one of your friends does better than expected in something (like Survivor) and then realises they might be more successful than yourself and then feels bad about it

    9. Scintillating - what happens to me every time I meet an attractive woman and she doesn't seem interested in talking with me for more than 30 seconds.


    10. Sanguine

    describing how I feel about life after reading this list

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