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    1. Never lose more than 2% of bankroll on any bet

    2. Never bet on an underdog that is less than +120.

    - 120 means the team has to win by more than 20 points for you to break even.

    3. Never bet on a favorite unless it's -130 or higher

    4. Never put money on two teams in the same game

    5. Never bet when angry or upset

    6. Always put 1/3 of your bankroll on one team and spread the rest among 3-4 other bets with good value

    7. Look for situations where there is a big point spread but one team has been dominating the other recently and there are reasons why they might be overrated now

    8. Don't ever bet against Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, etc (unless circumstances described in rule 7)

    9. When betting on a game where I think both teams will score at least 27 points I always take the over 27 and under 27 (if it's an important game). This is because most people think "27" so they take one side or the other instead of taking

    For instance, if you think Eagles vs Redskins will go over 40 points then you should also take Eagles vs Redskins if it goes under 40 points because most people won't do that and it will create value for you if done correctly (the opposite is true if you think a game will go under 40 but over 27). This doesn't work all the time but works often enough to make it worth doing. It's also very low risk since you are betting both sides of an event which has high probability anyway. This is an idea from Bill Simmons who told me he got it from "The Odds" podcast with Matthew Holt which I recommend listening to if interested in sports betting further.

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