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James Altucher


General Ideas I want to pursue

Sometimes my idea lists are about something specific. Like "10 ideas for Google". Or "10 ideas for chapters of my next book". But today I've been thinking of a range of things and have various ideas I wish to pursue


    1. A podcast idea: All potentially fraudulent presidential elections.

    Researching the elections of 1824, 1876, 1880, and (although not a Presidential election), the ascendancy of Gerald Ford as President. More details in another list.


    (The 1824 election was decided in the House when nobody won the Electoral Vote. Speaker of the House Henry Clay threw his support to John Quincy Adams. And then Adams made Clay the Secretary of State. Coincidence?)

    2. Choose Yourself, 10th Anniversary Edition

    It's 10 years since I wrote Choose Yourself (in June). Was thinking of making a 10th anniversary edition where I remove some chapters, add some chapters, and reflect what I've learned since. Again, more details in another list.


    3. My coaches

    I've had six or seven chess coaches since I was 17. What i've learned from each


    (Samuel Reshevsky as a young prodigy. Was my first chess coach).

    4. My mentors

    What I've learned from each mentor in my life.

    5. new book on negotiation

    I made a list about this the other day but need to flesh it out more

    6. Absurdism

    Just like Ryan Holiday has written such great books on a philosophy he admires: Stoicism, I am thinking of doing a book on my favorite philosophy: Absurdism.


    7. Another podcast idea: exponential technologies

    We know from Moore's Law in 1967 that computer power doubles every 18 months. Just knowing this one rule created trillions of dollars in wealth. What other technologies right now have a Moore's Law aspect to them and they are in industries just beginning.


    8. NotePD ideas

    I obviously love NotePD. And I hope everyone reading this does as well.

    But I think there is a certain pressure on NotePD that makes it less fun than other social media sites. It's sometimes hard to come up with a list of ten ideas.

    Some ideas:

    A) have "everyone" lists. So, for instance, if someone makes a challenge, "Who is the best actress ever?" then it creates one list that everyone can put an entry on.

    B) be able to tag people on twitter in your idea list and they are alerted via a tweet.

    More ideas welcome!

    9. This might not be so hard: but an AI to generate books

    e,g, I type in: Persuasion and the AI writes the entire book.

    One can do it in a meta way: Given the first prompt, what are 100 more prompts? First, the AI generates that. Then it gives the answer for each prompt. Then it makes a cover image. Now you have a book.

    10. A private equity fund

    I'm seeing more quality deals than ever. Perhaps because of the recent bear market there are a lot of good small companies that can't get funding. Now is a perfect time to start a small private equity fund.

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