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Give Yourself Time

Branched from a previous list, "How to get out of a slump." I'm in one, again....

My anxiety level is high. I have low energy and I'm down. I have a lot coming at me at once. As they say, "When it rains, it pours."

This has happened numerous times and I'll get out of it. My partner understands how I cope with things and we've spoken about how I feel.

Here's what I'm trying to do to get out of it.

    1. Try different things

    I tried to get out of it. Eat well. Workout. Call friends. Get some sun. They all were temporary. Nothing really worked. Some made it worse. Felt forced.

    2. Indulge

    Told myself I would lean into how I was feeling, for a bit. I drank a few nights in a row. I slept a little later. I ate poorly yesterday. And I don't feel bad about it.

    3. Listen to depressing music

    Did this yesterday. For only one day.

    4. Set a time

    While eating a bag of chips and having a drink, I told my partner "tomorrow I'm going to get it going."

    5. Get a full night's rest

    Usually, this is no issue. Lately, I haven't slept well. Last night, I did.

    6. Wake up and leap out of bed

    Ok, this is an exaggeration......But, for me, I didnt' snooze 5 times, only 1.

    7. Start slow

    Today, I'll focus on the basics. Have a good attitude. Speak positively. Be active, energetic, content.

    8. Ramp up

    By Monday, I'm going to be back into the full-swing. Back to "normal." Objects in motion, stay in motion.

    9. Have something to look forward to

    I have a vacation coming up in a few weeks. Having something to look forward to usually helps me get excited.

    10. Be someone that makes people smile

    I've been focused too much internally. Need to do more for others. That's when I'm at my best. Seeing the positive. Being the person others go to when they need a pickup.

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