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Go for a walk (and how I trick myself into doing it.)

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Walking is so simple that most of us can do. Yet I struggle to find the time and the commitment to do it. These are a few ways I try to reenforce the habit.

Go for a walk (and how I trick myself into doing it.)

    1. Get a dog.

    They will not let you forget or procrastinate too long.

    2. Put off doing something worse.

    "I really should be doing __________, but I have to go for my walk first.

    3. Tell other people about your walks.

    Even imaginary peer pressure is a thing.

    4. Build in a reward.

    Does that local coffee shop have the absolute best latte? Walk there. Enjoy your latte. Walk home.

    5. Mow some lawns.

    With a push mower of course.

    6. If your walk is a circular route (and most are), do the harder part first.

    When I leave from my house on my typical route, I can go either uphill or downhill. I almost always pick uphill to start.

    7. Break it into segments.

    Walk to the library. Then walk to the park to read the book you just got. On the way back home, stop for that donut. You earned it.

    8. Tour ALL of your favorite big box store.

    Pick a large store that you like to shop at. Or even a mall. When you go inside, walk the full length of every aisle. You're adding steps and who knows what you might find. Bonus points if you walked to the store as well.

    9. Find a partner.

    That peer pressure thing again.

    10. Join a club.

    More peers. And clubs will often have outings to different locales for new vistas for your walks.

    11. Change up your route or your time of day.

    12. Don't be overly ambitious to start.

    You should feel maybe a little tired but definitely refreshed after a walk. This isn't a run or a jog. And it isn't an endurance contest. Worrying about cardio heart rates, distance, or "being in the zone" all come later. For now, just put one foot in front of the other.

    13. Have fun.

    Talk to people. Soak up the sun and fresh air. Gaze at the moon as you stroll. Wave at passersby. Lighten your mood. If you are not having fun, it is more likely you won't do it.

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