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Goals for 2023

I've recently been revisiting this list, inspired by @paolo.

    1. Goal Logging

    I keep a copy of my 2023 goals list in Twos. I have a reminder set so that I can revisit my goals and log my progress. I use PARA in Twos (1. Projects, 2. Areas, 3. Resources, 4. Archive) but I keep my goals list in 0. Goals.

    2. Fortnightly Check In

    What's been interesting this year is seeing the ebb and flow of achievements. I have periods where my time isn't my own and it can be really difficult to factor in some creative space. We've had a full on year with my work and Chris' woodturning. We're starting to emerge, which is great news. One more weekend demo to go and then a clear run for a couple of months.

    I have my reminder set to nudge me to check in every two weeks.

    3. Mindset

    I'm a bit all or nothing. It's been easy to think that I've failed if I can't sustain my activity but I've seen, this year, that there have been peaks and troughs. Where perhaps I've not achieved as much as I would have liked, there have been other wins, and also periods of concerted effort that have compensated.

    4. Adjustment

    It's interesting when I review to see how far off piste I have gone. I started the year with some great intentions and several of those projects have disappeared into the ether. Others have evolved in new directions. Nothing is cast in stone. It's all to play for.

    5. Philosophy

    Rather than setting specific goals I would have been better to define a philosophy. I called one idea The Tiny Project. But it's really about adopting the philosophy of breaking things down into do-able chunks and not overwhelming myself or trying to do too much in the time available.

    6. Guiding Light

    This quote from Derek Sivers remains my guiding light:

    “The most valuable real estate in the world is the graveyard. There lie millions of half-written books, ideas never launched, and talents never developed. Most people die with everything still inside of them. The way to live is to create. Die empty. Get every idea out of your head and into reality. Calling yourself creative doesn’t make it true. Make finishing your top priority.” ~ Derek Sivers, How to Live

    7. Finding Different Ways

    I'm having to think about creating stuff incrementally. I had an idea for an annual almanac. This has been on my list for a while but, in reality, I have very little time to compile it, or make notes on a daily basis.

    Tana made me think of approaching this in a different way and I use the day supertag to help me achieve some sort of log that, over time, will build.

    8. Wins

    I'm much less on social media. This is partly a conscious decision but also driven by lack of inspiration to be found on my sites. Instagram, in particular, has changed out of all recognition from the lovely photo site that I used to know and love.

    I am currently back on Twitter - partly to keep up to date with developments on Twos, Tana and PKM, but also to use it as a platform where I share my writing.

    I've also had a few unexpected adventures, mostly thanks to Phil the Farmer who took us to the top of a hill for its incredible view, invited us to lambing and, most recently, shearing. Hopefully, with a bit more time over the next few months, there will be some more adventures.

    I've been making sure I eat better. I'd been taking the line of least resistance and making do but have got a better plan and am more organised with the dreaded (hate it) weekly shop!

    9. Could Do Better

    Although I've taken some photos, they have been snaps rather than anything more artistic.

    I have little down time. I'm working less than I was and have created a better boundary between work and home. I need to switch off more. I think it might have been @BillBergeman who shared in a list about working late into the night because you hadn't done what you wanted to get done during the day. This was me. I'm prioritising sleep more and am sleeping better.

    10. Not On The List

    I've done a whole heap of things that weren't on the list. And they do count. Not necessarily towards my goals but to my wins this year.

    I try to remind myself that it's a marathon not a sprint.

    Overall, though, having a list and checking in on it inspires that forward motion.

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