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H/T @roccodesta 

This reminded me of a story from my school years.

    1. Deer season always started on a Monday.

    2. The first day of deer season was always a school holiday.

    3. It was not uncommon for students or teachers to skip school until they got “their” deer.

    If they didn't harvest a buck on opening day.

    4. Many of us who drove to school would hunt for a hour or so in the morning, then come to school.

    5. After school we would have another 60-90 minutes to hunt before it got dark.

    6. This of course meant that during deer season, many of the cars and trucks held our hunting equipment, including firearms.

    7. My senior year, we got a new principal.

    8. He explained that while he too was a hunter, he could not allow all these vehicles with firearms in them to be on school property. It wasn’t secure or safe.

    9. Something had to be done.

    So a plan was hatched.

    10. The next morning, everyone who drove to school after hunting, brought their rifle or shotgun (unloaded of course) out of the cars and secured them in our school lockers.

    11. Success!

    12. Before lunch time, we had a new “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for what may be in your truck during hunting season.

    13. This was in a small rural US high school, almost 40 yrs ago.

    Don't think it would happen today.

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