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Help Me Come Up With Ideas For A Solo Travel Meetup Group

I love this! I'd love to attend next time I'm in NYC, although I'm less likely to travel there alone.

    1. Access to special self-guided walking tours

    2. Advertize the meetup for free on Couchsurfing

    3. Come up with a prize people can win if they get a (paid?) membership

    4. Build a facebook group

    If you haven't done that already.

    5. Create a WhatsApp chat

    6. Mystery trips for paid members

    A trip somewhere and they don't know where until they arrive (or until they get to the airport).

    Either they pay for it, or it's a prize.

    7. Invite foreign comedians to perform

    8. Invite travel-related speakers

    9. Workshops on travel writing or other travel-related things

    10. Send people on quests abroad

    For example, I got this idea from someone a long time ago, I can't remember who it was: If two members decide to travel to the same destination (either by chance or by choice), they would arrive at a different time or a different location (such as flying to different airports), and the goal would be to find each other without communicating. They could show a picture of the person they're trying to find to people and ask if they've seen them. According to the person who told me about this concept, the two players of this game always end up finding each other within 24 hours.

    Or if this group is also for foreign travelers visiting NYC, this could happen in NYC but it would have to be planned before arriving in the city, and I'm not sure it would work as well with two people who have never met.

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