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Here's what I wish I knew before getting started as an entrepreneur:

If you're on Twitter, my handle is @mathieulaughs

    1. Your ideal business partner is not that cool guy you met in a bar, it's a Turkish loan shark with powerful connections

    2. You will face a lot of challenges, but remember: the police can't search your home without a warrant

    3. As my quantum physicist friend told me: space-time is money.

    4. You'll get a lot of shit for becoming an entrepreneur as a card-carrying communist

    5. EVERYONE will try to stop you, simply because your business "kinda sounds like human trafficking"

    6. There will always be someone who's more successful than you are. Make sure you think about them ALL THE TIME and remember that they DO NOT deserve their success.

    7. Don't forget about family: make your kids work for you.

    8. Never ask for feedback: it will hurt your feelings and make you very sad.

    9. Money isn't everything. Money is simply a tool you use to buy a sick yacht.

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