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Hip Hop Boasts

One of the things I like about hip-hop is the creative boasting, especially with pop-culture references.

If I had a rap song, here is what some of the verses might sound like.

    1. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly || Spoiler alert: they're all me

    2. I do everything to specifications || Stay away or I'll solve you like an equation

    3. Indefatigable means I'm tireless || The Comms I bring are always wireless

    4. Try as they might, they can't keep me cloistered || I'm always on planes because the world is my oyster

    5. My intelligence is genuine, never artificial || I never use AI, except on this interstitial:

    6. "I'm the king of the game, no one can deny || My flow is so sick, it will make you cry"

    The NotePD AI did not make any rhymes. ChatGPT came up with the above, and a few more before the verses suddenly stopped rhyming.

    7. I hate ableism, don't use the r-word || otherwise I'll flip you, then I'll flip you the bird

    8. My Idea Lists are on a streak || I come up with ideas like taking a leak

    9. I beat Melanoma, left cancer behind, || but I got more scars than Frankenstein

    RIP John McCain

    10. Just one more thing, before I'm gone || Don't @ me, 'cause I shoot first like Han


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