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Household items I can use in my junk journal

So many people I know don't create because they don't have the "right" tools. I've been working with what I have on hand for a long time. Every day items make beautiful tools.

Household items I can use in my junk journal

    1. Cardboard from delivery boxes

    Cardboard can be used as your substrate (they thing you are drawing/creating on) and it can be made into all kings of Mark making and stencil tools. All you need is a pair of scissors ✂️ and maybe an exacto knife.

    2. Plastic lids in all shapes and sizes

    Lids make awesome circle templates and they are great little paint palettes. They also make great marks and can be arranged as a free-form dot stencil.

    3. Forks and knives- plastic or metal

    Forks are amazing mark makers, especially if you want to scratch lines to make a texture. Knives scratch and cut and make wonderful palette knives for adding texture and dragging thick paint in interesting patterns.

    4. Plastic egg crates

    I love using plastic egg crates for holding my paints. It allows me to put out just a little of all the colors I want to use. And they work really well if I'm thinning the paint with water.

    5. Rubber bands

    One of the coolest things I learned recently was how to use rubber bands on a brayer (small roller for paint) to create wavy patterns. No brayer? Use a toilet paper or paper towel tube cut smaller.

    6. Paper towel and toilet paper tubes

    The uses are endless! Folder the ends and hold store/organize your shorter brushes or pens in then. Use the ends for circle or moon shape mark-making. Cut the ends to fan them out to make a flower or burst pattern. Cut them into circle pieces and arrange them in various patterns for a spray stencil.

    7. Salt

    Drop salt into your thin acrylic paint on the page and see what happens! Mix it with your paint or gel medium or glue to create texture.

    8. Coffee or tea

    Coffee and tea make the best dyes for creating that aged book page look. Use the grounds mixed with gel medium or glue to add texture.

    9. Coffee filers

    I love the texture of coffee filters for using water color, markers or thin paints. The translucency is super cool. And since I love to work with circles I don't have to measure or cut anything!


    10. Cereal boxes

    I could write about cereal box uses for days! The weight of the paper is perfect for creating art journals- both covers and inside pages. Cut them into postcards. Make bookmarks. Form shapes for stamping and cutout for stencils. Make signs, too.

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