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How I get unstuck

I know you have things you want to accomplish. Things you want to do and things you have to do. I want to be a great success, create consistently great work, be creative and have a fun social life.

But sometimes I get stuck.

I want to keep writing. I want to keep making videos, but this fear creeps in. Or I feel like I am out of ideas. Or I just do not feel like sitting at my desk trying to write something great that just does not come to me. That is OK. It is natural.

Do not fight being stuck. You will not overpower your feelings. You have to shift. Shift your location, actions, people, food. Historically, humans were nomads. Humans crossed continents and found different islands to inhabit colonize. I believe that as much as humans want safety and security we also have internal urges that want change.

We want to meet new people, try new foods, visit new places, create new things.

Most of the time we cannot change. I have a job and a family and a house. All of these things keep in one place, working on the same things. And then I get stuck and unsatisfied.

When I do that there are a few things that I do to get unstuck.

    1. Go outside

    When I had surgery to remove my appendix the most painful thing was getting out of bed. My stomach was healing and I did not want to move. But that is exactly was helped the healing process the most.

    Get up and start moving. Move around your house, around your block, around your city.

    It will get your blood flowing. You will see different landscapes. The sun will shine down on you and your eyes will dilate and you will feel different. Then go back to your task and you will have a different perspective.

    2. Write an Idea list

    Sit down and write down different ideas. Things you would not normally think of. Random

    3. Idea sex

    Put 2 different topics together and start writing down ideas. The ideas can be terrible. It just helps get the juices flowing.

    4. Eat something

    Some people get 'hangry' or they get sleepy from low blood sugar.

    Eat a snack. Or eat something different.

    Taste will definitely change your mood.

    5. Get enough sleep

    I do not get 'hangry' but I definitely get bitchy when I do not get enough sleep. I cannot concentrate and I do not want to do anything.

    Get as much sleep as possible so you are refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

    6. Talk to someone else

    Call a friend. Or chat with a coworker. Or bounce ideas off other people.

    Talking and listening to other people will change your brain.

    7. Read something else

    There are so many different stories out there to read. Read something that will change your current mood.

    Here are a few ideas:
    - Biography
    - Space science fiction
    - Romance story
    - Mafia/drug story

    There are so many different worlds to explore. Do not get stuck in your own world when you can visit a really interesting one.

    8. Play a game

    I play a lot of board games. My favorite is Ticket To Ride and Sudoku.

    They really make you think and get your mind focused on the task at hand. It also makes you competitive and you get really creative when you want to win something.

    9. Stretch

    Get up and move your body. Put stress on your muscles. Because your brain will focus on the stress rather than the item you are stuck on.

    10. Exercise

    - Jogging
    - Yoga
    - Cycling
    - Weights
    - Stairs

    Get that blood flowing. And start sweating, this will definitely change your brain chemistry.
    You will also feel better after you have exercised.

    11. Change your creativity

    - Painting
    - Writing
    - Video editing
    - Sewing

    If you are doing one creative thing, pivot to something else. The act of pivoting to something else will change your thoughts and then you can go back later and you will have come up with more ideas.

    12. Music

    Sound definitely changes the vibe. I listen to EDM when I am jogging because it makes me go harder and longer.

    I listen to podcasts when I am lifting weights because it makes me forget about how heavy the weights are.

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