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How many ways can you make your own Luck as an Entrepreneur

Right now I actually don't feel that lucky cause I just got out of a failed startup... BUT, after thinking more about it, I had my share of luck in the game too, and I will write them here.

These helped me a lot, even as non-German speaking WOC starting with almost zero connection in Berlin.

    1. Join a supportive community.

    Try everything, be genuine, actively take part, and get to know the organizers (or organize something yourself). People will remember you, and you'll be a part of something (which will increase your luck!)

    2. Join an incubator.

    There are pros and cons to this, especially when they took a lot of equities from you. But the right ones will provide you with a great connection. Your peers could be your best comrades along the way, because nobody understands the struggle better than other entrepreneurs.

    3. Choose yourself. A lot.

    This is my mantra (thank you @JamesAltucher !). Write your stories. Get yourself out there. A chance to be featured in a publication? Take it. I got into a magazine. Apply for a talk? Do it. I got to speak in a TedX conference.

    4. Network with a genuine connection.

    Please don't be that person who tried to find the next most interesting person in the room. It's better to have known fewer people, but actually know them well.

    5. Remember that you're the average of 5 people closest to you.

    Make friends, do a mastermind group, also, be that person who would make the average better.

    6. Open as many doors.

    When luck is about chance, then we need to create as many chance as possible.

    7. Help others to be their lucky chance.

    There's something about karma at play here, and it's not always about that person going to help you back.

    8. Gratitude & Persistence

    Gratitude keeps me sane when the going gets tough. Persistence keeps me going.

    9. Connect people

    Think of how you can make great connections between people you know.

    10. Have a niche and be the best at it

    Something that makes people in your connection remember you when they think of this field.

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