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How to be as miserable as possible

    1. Don't be grateful

    Don't be grateful for the good things in your life. Be grateful for the bad things. Because if you are not grateful for the bad things, then they can come back in your life and you will be miserable all over again.

    2. Love someone who is unlovable

    Find someone who is truly unlovable and love them as much as you can. And see how it goes.

    3. Write a novel every day

    Write a novel every day for a year. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad novels. The point is to get used to writing so many words every day so that when you have to write the great American novel someday, it won't seem like such a daunting task.

    4. Don't complain ever (this one is hard for me)

    Every time you want to complain about something, instead say, "I am choosing this." For instance, if you hate your job, say, "I am choosing to work at this job because I am choosing to make money right now so I can do what I really want later on." Again, this is hard for me but I'm getting better at it.

    5. Read ancient history and modern history every day

    Read about ancient history (the Romans or Greeks or Babylonians) and modern history (the last 100 years). This way you will see what has worked in society before and what hasn't worked so that you don't repeat other people's mistakes. Also, reading about these societies will give you some perspective on how fragile our society really is and how easily things can go wrong if we are not careful.

    6. Laugh at everything

    Laugh at everything that happens in your life no matter how serious or painful it seems at the time. If something tragic happens in your life, laugh at yourself for thinking anything tragic would happen to YOU specifically when there has been so much tragedy throughout history and everyone has suffered some sort of pain in their lives no matter how seemingly happy they were on the surface. If something funny happens in your life (and there's always something funny happening), laugh even harder because it's even funnier than what happened to you because of all of the tragedies that have happened in history compared to whatever just happened to you personally.

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