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How to come up with an ideas list.

    1. Check out Challenges

    I always look at the current Challenges to see what resonates and inspires me.

    2. Read my Feed

    Someone else's list often gives me an idea for a new list of my own.

    3. Twos

    I log all my completed lists in Twos, mostly so that I can see where I've written/scheduled a list. But I also use the List function to jot down ideas for future lists. I compile lists of things to do, projects, places to go, books to read and then, along the way, many of these evolve into ideas for NotePD lists.

    4. Filofax

    I'm in a Filofax phase. Or you could use a notebook or simple paper. I love sitting somewhere quiet, or in a café where I won't be disturbed, and noting things down. Many of my lists start in my Filofax.

    5. Podcasts

    I've found inspiration in podcasts recently. Sometimes a throw away comment that has sparked an idea for me.

    6. My life

    I like writing quirky lists - my favourite fountain pens, characters in TBBT, stuff from life in general (like the perils of selling on Facebook), what's in my YouTube 'watch later' list. I write a Weekly Roundup which I also export to Instagram.

    7. Ask my husband

    If I'm really stuck, I'll ask my husband for a list idea. He usually comes up with something interesting!

    8. Spotify

    Make lists of favourite tracks, podcasts, albums and include a link. They show up nicely in NotePD too.

    9. The tenuous list

    I've created what I call tenuous lists sometimes. A list that has been cobbled together or feels like a bit of a cheat. But a list is a list.

    10. Find your best time to create

    I had a long phase when I created my list last thing at night. This caused quite a few tenuous lists as I was too tired by then. I've now started doing my list first thing. I come up with better ideas and my lists are more considered. Find a time that works for you.

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