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How to come up with an ideas list.

    1. 10 things you want to learn

    If you have already made this list. Find a way to get a high level download on one of the subjects. Tell us 10 ideas you got from it and 10 things you'd like the explore further. This tree of knowledge can expand almost indefinitely. 

    2. Reasons why you write down ideas

    When in doubt, return to your why. This will make for some interesting introspection and hopefully ignight some fresh fire around why you started writing in the first place. Have accomplished a goal? Why not? Boom. Idea flood. 

    3. Think smaller

    Ideas can be as simple as what you noticed that day or what you were grateful for. How a situation you were in made you feel, how you acted in the situation and whether it was how you would have acted if it happened again. Not every idea list needs to solve a grand problem and every day is new so you can never really run out of subject matter. 

    4. 6 questions to avoid a blank page

    I took this idea from a group of writers on Twitter who take a challenge to write a mini essay every day for a month in an effort to kickstart a writing habit. 

    1. What problem am I solving?

    2. Whose problem am I solving?

    3. What benefits am I unlocking?

    4.What promise am I making?

    5.What emotion am I generating?

    6.Whats the next action the reader should take. 

    They are all essentially elements of copyrighting. If you take any one of your ideas you have had in the past, you can apply all these questions and refine your original message into something that is more complete, thoughtful and effective than it was in its original form. 

    5. Another daily idea I love

    I started writing on this idea in short form in my daily journal before I joined notePD. It stems from my desire to create things of value and eventually escape the corporate world. Basically, you expamine the happenings you observe every day and try to come up with an idea (for me a product or service) that would have improved your life or the life of someone else based on what happened that day. The possibilities are endless and results will vary in quality but it's an endless possibility list. 

    It could be something that already exists that you think could be done better or isn't being allocated properly to where the need for the given thing sits in society. 

    6. Revisit old lists

    What do you know now, that you didn't know then? What has changed about the world or society? Never hurts to check your surrounding for new information and update your beliefs. This will make you a powerful thinker and lifetime learner. 

    7. Opposite Day

    Flip an idea list upside down. Add the word "don't" or "not" and come up with the worst ideas possible. Idk. It will surely spark some creativity. 

    8. Break down a goal

    Show us how you take a 3-5 year goal to a daily practice. 

    Years to

    Year to

    Quarters to

    Months to

    Weeks to


    9. Give idea on how you would fix something you know nothing about

    This will mostly lead to terrible idea, but maybe your unconditioned eyes will see something that is too obvious for those who are expert at something. 

    10. What did you have for lunch?

    The fact is, crazy as it seems, more than 10 decisions made at different times in your life went into what you ate for lunch today. Think about them across varying time intervals and explain to us why you can to choose tuna at the office lunch stand today. 

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