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How to come up with an ideas list.


    1. Evergreen Idea Lists

    I was incurring this too often that I made an idea list of ten idea lists i could always go to that I can use again and again. My answers have to be different each time I use a prompt again. For example I never repeat gratitudes but theirs always something else to be grateful for.

    My evergreen Idea Lists https://notepd.com/idea/10-idea-lists-that-are-evergreen-can-use-anytime-and-dont-repeat-answers-zzrn7

    2. Memory List

    Not creative, you can still work out the brain muscle. 10 things i remember for 10th grade or something. You still have to dig around and you'll work on another valuable brain muscle- memory

    3. Look around you

    Look up, what do you see? Write 10 ideas about that. See a TV- come up with 10 tv shows. See a phone, come up with 10 new phone features. See a desk, come up with 10 ways to improve your desk. There's always inspiration around you.

    4. Default to you strengths

    Don't know enough about someone elses business well come up with ideas for your field, or a hobby/interest you are knowledgeable about. Can't come up with ten ways to improve healthcare, well what about your field? Or a hobby 10 ways to make fly fishing better or something.

    5. Decide don't debate

    Don't dawdle trying to find the perfect list. Its about the ideas not the subject. Just get to jotting down ideas. ANd don't discredit any idea. Its not about quality day in and day out. They'll improve over time just get whatever flows into your head.

    6. Document don't create

    Can't come up with idea list around a certain topic. Well chances are your brain was on and working today, what are ten thoughts you had today. What are ten observations you made. What are ten times you had to make a decision. Theres lists that make themselves throughout the day.

    7. Ask the internet

    Cant find something you like from Notepd user prompts. Get inspiration somewhere else you twitter/facebook/insta/linkedin followers for an idea list. You may even get some people you know to get interested and start making lists too

    8. Dumb it down

    Find it too hard to come up with something. Instead of 10 business ideas I could start tomorrow simplify it. WHat are ten things that business i like do well or 10 topics i have interest in or 10 things in my closet i could throw out or sell.

    9. Daydream

    Whats something you like thinking about doing. Well write a list about what you would like to get out of that experience when you do it. Maybe youd love to go to space, well what are 10 things that make you wanna do that. Or maybe your just wanna get away for an afternoon, well what are ten places you could drive/take public transport to go do. What about that excites you?

    10. Ideas

    What are ten ideas that you think are excellent from history? Cant come up with your own then tell us about someone elses you find interesting or inspiring.

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