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How to help the parent of an autistic kid

I have two kids. My son is autistic. It's far harder than I would have ever expected. The only people who understand my life are other parents of autistic children. Seriously, nobody else "gets it" Here are some things I wish people would do for me

    1. Be patient with me

    It's often impossible to take a phone call, or attend an event. My kid will constantly interupt me and demand my attention. I can't tell him to wait, he doesnt understand that he's not the center of the world.

    2. Don't awkwardly stare when you see my kid misbehaving in public.

    If you see a kid melt down in the store, just smile and move on. I look young but I don't need your parenting advice

    3. If you're close to me, offer to watch my kid

    The only breaks I get are when he's in ABA therapy or when I can drop off my kids at a respite nursery.

    4. Don't offer my child candy

    many people think it's a myth that food dyes can makes kids behavior tank. Trust me, my kid goes nuts after getting red dye from candy.

    5. Understand my schedule can change quickly

    My child goes to ABA therapy during the day which is one on one. If a tutor calls out last minute, I have to keep my kid at home. I have no control over that. It's caused me to cancel appointments, and plans on numerous occasions.

    6. My kid is going to be awkward when interacting with your children

    The other day my neurotypical daughter was playing at a kids gymnastics place. An autistic boy came up to her and rubber her back then hugged her. She, being familiar with her brother played with this boy in a fun way. The mother of this autistic boy broke down in tears seeing another child interact with her boy in a nice way. I really felt that. It's hard seeing your kid get rejected constantly by other children.

    7. When you try talking to my child he will likely not respond to you

    Please don't make weird statements if my kid ignores you and says something that doesn't make sense.

    8. Take some time to interact

    My boy is obsessed with cars. When a fireman let my buy sit in his vehicle it made his day.

    9. Ask if you can help

    If you see an opportunity to help the parent of an autistic child please offer. We get very little support

    10. Contribute to organizations that help

    Organizations that do day programs or respite care are so helpful. Make a contribution if you can.

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