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How to improve the Canadian Political system

    1. Establish statutes of limitations.

    Because of our present parliamentary system, a Prime Minister is not elected as a PM, and indeed does not have to be an elected MP. Since he can be removed at any time. At first glance there doesn't seem to be a need to have a statute of limitations. In practice however , we have individuals staying in power for over a decade.

    2. Fix it so we only have 2 political parties

    In Canada we have 1.5 political parties masquerading as 3. Democracy works best with 2 political parties , each committed to the country , but with different ideas about how to run it

    3. Have each political riding contain roughly an equal number of citizens.

    At the moment, a riding in PEI has 40,000 while a riding in Toronto has 120,000 citizens

    4. To achieve item 3 we need a Senate that is equal.

    At present senators in Canada do not equally represent the provinces.

    5. Have a senate that is elected

    6. Have a senate that is effective

    7. Teach a course in civics mandatory for all Canadian high school students

    That way Canadians will know and understand that our system of government is : a Constitutional Monarchy, and the benefits thereof

    8. Set realistic age limitations for un-elected senators and judges

    There is a reason why 65 should be the retirement for a vast majority of the people out there !!

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