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How to Jumpstart Your Creativity

I'm feeling uncreative today, so let's brainstorm some things I can do to jumpstart my creativity.

How to Jumpstart Your Creativity

    1. Meditate

    Clear my mind of unproductive and uncreative thoughts

    2. Exercise

    Refocus my mind on the body, so I have a fresh start after exercise.

    3. Read a random article

    Reading something random might kickstart creative thoughts. I like the random article feature of Wikipedia.

    4. Go have a meal

    Maybe it's time to take a lunch break?

    5. Coffee break

    Sometimes I'm just tired, and maybe a coffee will get my mind moving

    6. Take a nap

    A nap is probably healthier than a coffee. I've found 23 minutes to be optimal for me.

    7. Talk to a person

    Sometimes taking a break and talking with my wife or one of my kids is a good reset

    8. Listen to podcasts

    A lot of times, something I hear on a podcast sparks an idea

    9. Read a non-fiction book

    Preferably a self-improvement book or a book on whatever you're working on. Like podcasts, reading books often sparks ideas as well.

    10. Go for a walk

    Maybe seeing some green nature will be refreshing

    11. Journal

    Do some freewriting. Or, perhaps brainstorming on NotePD, which is what I'm doing now. It's time to log off and see if I feel more creative now...

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