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How to make £1 today

I want to see if it is possible to make a book, by using Notepd.

My first list on this topic was popular so I thought I'd base this book on that.

These are chapter ideas.

    1. Art

    Make a piece of art and I'll explain in this chapter different ways that you can sell it.

    Your art can be reused in multiple ways. The same piece can be a poster, a print (mug, tshirt, keyring), NFT, enamel pin, embroidered on clothing.

    2. Writing

    How can you make money from your writing?

    Write something each day and before long you'll have a rough draft for a book.

    Substack (blogging), book, newspaper article,

    Share short snippits and build a following on social media.

    3. Music

    How could you make money from your song?

    Subscription service, ask for donations, NFT, busking, sell to media students (bground music for games, website, videos, presentations ect.), cds/USB stick. Podcasts.

    4. Jokes

    Stand up set, prints, video, podcast, busking, comic, comedy writer,

    5. Products

    Buy a product sell it for a profit

    Car boot sale, eBay, open a shop, Facebook marketplace, gumtree,

    Add something to it (Eg. A print to a tshirt) to make even more money.

    6. Food

    Make a recipe book, make cooking videos, make an online course, sell food, open a restaurant, sell your menu to a restaurant,

    7. Video

    Make a video series

    Make a dvd, crowdfund, ask for donations, showcase your movie at a small theatre.

    8. I'll write the rest when I find the time

    9. Service

    Be physical and do the things others don't want to

    Cleaning (dishes, house, car, stores, windows etc) , fitting furniture, gardening, fitness (running, martial arts, weight loss etc), move goods, buy/delevery food/coffee,

    Work out a system that works, teach others the system, relax whilst they do the hard work.

    10. Code

    Make an app (tons of different categories to explore), code an automated process (if your always doing the same thing, program a computer to do it for you), could a common task be simplified?, what's the simplest game you can think of (Eg. Flappy Bird, doodle jump)

    11. Craft

    Sewing, knitting, oragami, mixed media

    Whatever it is people will buy your craft. Etsy, ebay, Facebook marketplace. Carboot sales, comicon
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