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After a prompt from James I relised I have to up my marketing, both for my book, course and any future content I make.

I also need to market myself better when it comes to jobs and dating.

    1. Videos

    I could make video ads. And share them on social media. I could pay for advertising. If made well enough others may want to share. People are more likely to trust a friend than a business, so having friends share is the best ope.

    * come up with video ideas.

    2. Photos

    Photos of content and a brief description of what you'll get, along with a link. This is what I've been using so far. It's not working out too well.

    * maybe consistency is key. If you see the same thing alot it will rise in importance on your mind.

    * think of a few photos I could make and share.

    3. Bio

    People don't often read much when it comes to advertising. How can I advertise my products in a short bio?

    Book - A guidebook to living a happier life

    Course - short lessons to get you living a happier life.

    Me (work) - hardworking problem solver.

    Me (dating) -...

    4. Friends

    I could ask friends to make a video recommendation. If it's there video they'll be more inclined to share it.

    I could ask for their advice on how to market.

    5. Reviews

    I could ask for and share reviews. Everyone who's read my book has said how it's helped them and are grateful for the advice. They'd be the best people to ask for help.

    6. Library

    I could ask if I could donate a few of my books to the local library. This will help advertise to a wider audience.

    I won't get paid when people read these copies, but if it leads to more fans maybe I could sell something else to them in the future.

    7. Ask for help

    How would you (the reader) recommend I market?

    8. Posters

    I could place posters throughout my city. It may not lead to sales, but should lead to more followers.

    9. Collaborate

    Find others I can collaborate with. We both gain.

    * where would I similar minds to collaborate with?

    10. Make a list on why people would benefit from my work

    I could make future lists on why my content would be benificial. This would help market here and I could reuse that content to make videos /photos/bios ect
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