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How to negotiate a 25% raise when on a trial period at a company you love?

I have spent most of my career in municipal service so have not had an opportunity to practice these strategies very often. Very early in my career I worked at a small private business. When it came time for our annual performance review the company was offering most employees a 10% increase. This was seen as being generous as it had been several years since any increase at all. I asked for and received 20%. I had no reason to do so. It was merely a whim. Back to the question at hand. Negotiating a 25% raise.

How to negotiate a 25% raise when on a trial period at a company you love?

    1. Ask for 30%

    2. If you can, find out what people doing similar work both in your company and others are earning.

    This information is for your personal use. I would not bring it up when talking to HR, your boss, etc. You may want to use averages, or examples from other companies. But I would shy away from using examples from within.

    3. Ask for a promotion to a different position that pays what you would like to earn.

    Again, research is your friend.

    4. Is there something else you could ask for instead of a raise?

    The ability to telecommute? A commuting allowance? A clothing allowance? Company vehicle? Key to the executive washroom? All these things have value but would not be directly reflected in the paycheck. In companies or government where salaries are set by contract, algorithms, etc. this is a great tactic to work around the "non-negotiable."

    5. Decide in advance what you are willing to accept to stay at a company you love.

    This way you hopefully won't be forced to make the decision quickly or without deliberation.

    6. Practice asking.

    Either in a mirror or with someone you trust. Roleplay the situation. Get comfortable with it. Or at least familiar.

    7. Be prepared to counter the standard rebuttals.

    "I'm not authorized." "I would have to speak to someone else." "The company just doesn't do that." "Why do you deserve that amount of money?" These are some of the most common. Have an answer.

    8. Never threaten.

    9. Be the most productive employee you can be.

    This should go without saying but........

    10. Ask the follow up questions!

    If you are ultimately denied, be prepared to ask at least two powerful follow up questions.

    A) "What would it take for me to earn this salary at this company?" If they give you feedback, Do It!

    B) "When can we sit down again to re-visit this discussion?" While I'm sure the last thing you want to do is have this uncomfortable conversation again; this question shows that you are serious and committed to the stated goal. So your best to get a firm answer. 3 months. 6 months. whatever.

    11. Good Luck and be sure to post a Status Update to let us know how it went.

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