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How to negotiate a 25% raise when on a trial period at a company you love?

I currently make $39 per hour but I want to make at least $48.75 per hour because this is one of the few times I can negotiate a raise. The HR at the company has a history of being very difficult in giving raises, but I'm currently working on a contract as a trial period for the company. The psychological challenge is that it's a company that I love so it's easy for my brain to rationalize a lower salary even though I want to make at least $100,000.

I have been with the company for 2 months and the recruiter told me a 3 month trial period, so the time to speak about a full time role is near.

What is the best way to build my strategy of securing this raise? The company is Tony Robbins' main company, aka Robbins Research International.

    1. Do I deserve it?

    Yes. If you are valuable to the company, you deserve a raise.

    2. How much does someone with my job title make at this company?

    If you don't know, ask the recruiter or HR person. Then use that as your baseline in negotiations.

    3. What is my value proposition to the company?

    Research what they need and how you can help them get it. For example, maybe they want more sales or more social media engagement. Or perhaps they need better customer service and you are good at customer service or have ideas on how to improve it. Or maybe there is a problem with their customers not renewing their subscriptions (if a business) and you have ideas on how to improve that process. Or perhaps there is friction between departments and you can help smooth out those processes. Whatever your value proposition is, be able to describe it in detail to the manager who will be deciding whether or not to give you a raise.

    4. When do I ask for the raise?

    After 3-6 months of working there full time (depending on how long the trial period was). Ask for an extra $10-25K depending on how much money they make off of your work (you can research this by looking at their financials). So if they make $100k off of your work then ask for a 25% raise ($25k) plus another $10k because that's what 10% of $100k is (or whatever % they make off of your work). In other words, don't just say "$5k". Be specific about what % increase over what salary number so it's easy for them to calculate in their head whether or not it makes sense for them financially given all factors including what others are making at comparable jobs within the company.

    There are two reasons why I suggest asking for 10% more than 10% of their profit from your work (i.e., asking for 25% instead of 20%).

    First, this shows them that YOU know exactly how much money they make off of YOUR WORK so that means YOU ARE VALUABLE TO THEM! This puts them in a position where they have no choice but to give you a raise if they want to keep someone who knows exactly how valuable he thinks he is.

    Second, when people negotiate salary increases with companies, most people just ask for an increase without any justification as to why because we don't know why we should get more money than anyone else getting paid less than us.


    1) Because then THEY HAVE TO JUSTIFY WHY THEY SHOULDN'T GIVE YOU A RAISE! They might think "oh well he doesn't deserve it" but now THEY HAVE TO PROVE THAT OR

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