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How to Save Meta

Meta (Facebook) has lost billions of dollars in its push to a Metaverse people don't seem to be embracing.

    1. Leverage work from home and hybrid work environments, instead of gaming.

    I love working from home, but miss interaction with my co-workers. Create a virtual office environment for people to work in.

    2. Send everyone from Meta home with the AR headsets and input devices.

    Have everyone from Meta work from home using the Meta gear. This will be an all-in move for Meta. They will have to perfect the hardware and the software for the company to survive.

    3. Allow users to configure their work environment.

    People could select desks, cubes, or an office for their avatar to sit in.

    4. You can pop by your colleagues work area for a chat (just like a real office).

    5. You can run into a colleagues avatar on the way to a meeting.

    You could just move from your workstation to the meeting directly if you are late, but you'd miss out on the interaction of walking to a meeting room.

    6. The virtual office would include virtual meeting rooms.

    You'd have an unlimited number or virtual meeting rooms for colleagues avatars to meet in. Conference rooms could be customized by the meeting organizer.

    7. Avatars could (optionally) display facial expressions of the users.

    This would be an advanced feature of the AR hardware/software. It might not be available at first, but it would add so much to the interaction of people in the virtual office environment. So much of human communication isn't verbal.

    8. Have a privacy feature that people to toggle to indicate that they don't want to be disturbed.

    Your avatar could be grayed out or pixilated for example.

    9. Bosses can look over the virtual office and see that their people are engaged and working.

    10. People can customize the look of the office environment different from their colleagues.

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