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How to shrink an ever-growing to-do list.

A lot of good tips have already been written. The list is from experience.

How to shrink an ever-growing to-do list.

    1. Write down

    get all the to-do lists in one place visible to you. Write everything down.

    2. Track the root cause

    Understand the source of the growing list. Are these new requests or projects? Any item on the to-do list lingering for months must be re-assessed or removed.

    3. Cost of Delay

    Prioritize based on some criteria. One good criterion is the cost of delay. If an item in the list is not done, will you incur some cost?

    4. Next action list

    A to-do list is a good start. What you need next is the next action list. What are the minimum actions needed to get going? Say you want to write a blog, the next action could be to schedule it, then title, then structure, etc.

    5. Batching

    Things that can be done together should be done together. Errands, chorus, etc.

    6. Scheduling

    If it is not on your calendar, it is not happening.

    7. Set standards

    You need to set some filters or standards. For example, you will not do anything that is not congruent with your values.

    8. Kanban

    Make your progress visual. Not Started, In progress, Blocked, Completed.

    9. Accountability partner

    Having an accountability partner also helps keep you checked.

    10. Plan the day, the week

    Planning the next day and week helps you put first things first. It also keeps you aware of your progress.

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