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How to write a book

10 things you can do right now to get that book written

    1. Read

    Not only will you get ideas for the book you're writing, you'll also get a sense of what books are already out there (so you can discover your own niche)

    2. Set a deadline

    When are you most productive? Probably right before you have to go on vacation. Setting deadlines gives you the extra push you need to get over the finish line.

    3. Determine what software you are going to use

    I prefer Scrivener, but you can write books using Microsoft Word, Evernote, Google Keep and more.

    4. Determine your idea

    You don't have to have a brand new idea. It can be a new take on an existing idea. It can be an existing idea but transferred to another industry / field / topic.

    5. Outline

    What are you going to write about? How many chapters will your book have? What is the overall structure and narrative of the book? Believe me, getting the outline completed will make the whole book writing process better.

    6. Write

    I like the approach Tim Ferriss had with his books: two crappy pages every day. Don't edit. Don't worry whether you're writing is crap. Just write.

    7. Research more

    If or when you get 'stuck', do more research. Read books. Find articles. It's likely you are missing a key piece of information to fill in the gap.

    8. Leave it

    Okay, you have written a first draft of your book. Congrats! Unfortunately, there's more work to be done. Once you've finished writing the first draft, leave it for a while (I suggest at least a couple weeks). Don't touch it. Don't look at it. Try not to think about it. The idea is to get some distance from it so you can get through the next step.

    9. Edit

    Editing is where your first draft becomes a best-seller. Get rid of clumsy words. Get rid of extra words (for example 'that'). Re-write for clarity. Have a trusted friend read through it and give you their thoughts. The editing process may take a while but this is where coals become diamonds.

    10. Publish

    Easy peasy on Amazon. Get a cover (or create one on Amazon). Upload your finished product. Set a price.

    You're a published author.

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